Duke University Rate Agreement: Understanding the Rates and Fees Involved

Duke University is a prestigious private research university located in Durham, North Carolina. The institution serves as a leader in education, research, and health care, with many students and faculty members coming from various parts of the world.

As a student or parent of a prospective student, it`s essential to know the rates and fees involved in attending Duke University. The university`s rate agreement outlines the costs for tuition, fees, and other expenses.

Tuition and Fees

Duke University`s current tuition amount for undergraduate students is $59,390 per year. This includes tuition, room and board, and mandatory fees. Additionally, students may incur other expenses, such as textbooks, supplies, and personal expenses.

Graduate students have various rates depending on their program, degree level, and other factors. Some programs have a per-credit hour rate, while others have a flat rate per semester.

Fees and Other Expenses

Apart from tuition, Duke University charges mandatory fees that cover services and activities such as health care, recreational facilities, and student government. Mandatory fees vary depending on a student`s enrollment status, program, and other factors.

In addition to mandatory fees, Duke University has voluntary fees for services such as parking permits, fitness center access, and dining plans. It`s crucial to review all fees and expenses carefully to avoid hidden costs that may arise.

Financial Aid

Duke University offers financial aid to eligible students based on need and merit. Students can apply for grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study programs to help cover the costs of attending the university.

It`s essential to complete your FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and the CSS Profile to be considered for need-based financial aid. Additionally, Duke University offers merit-based scholarships to high-achieving students who demonstrate excellence in academics, leadership, and other areas.


Attending Duke University is a significant investment in your future. Understanding the rates and fees involved is an essential step in planning and budgeting for your education.

By reviewing the Duke University rate agreement and exploring financial aid options, you can make informed decisions about financing your education and pursuing your academic goals.